WHEN YOU stand on a bridge and watch the water flow, you can create the impression for yourself that the water’s standing still and it’s you and the bridge that’s moving. Our view of time creates that impression for us: we think it’s us that’s moving, but it’s not. We’re on the bridge, in the moment, and stuff happens. That stuff is the water that flows past. It’s like junk falling into a plug hole, and we are that plug hole, seeing all this stuff falling in and thinking that we’re moving but we’re not. It’s just stuff happening that has us think that.

For years I struggled to find the thing that I should do that would make me happy, lead to success. I always looked for it ‘out there’ and ‘in the future’. I would observe what others were doing and think how I could do something similar and one day enjoy the same happiness and success. When I saw for myself that there’s only this moment, and when I heard Eckhart Tolle say that enjoyment is what you put into a situation or action, not what you get out of it, then for the first time I really got this: I got that there’s nothing else to do but enjoy what I do and the success will come. This is true gratitude, not as a concept, not convincing myself, but seeing it.