THINGS HAPPEN exactly as they’re supposed to happen – in every instance. Let’s say you have a great idea; as you explore it, you find that there are ways that it can work and ways that it can’t work. No amount of positive thinking will allow otherwise. The apple tree seed doesn’t suddenly produce an orange tree as well, just because you want it to.

Water flows downhill, so unless you want to expend huge energy, you build your canals to use this principle. Why then do we try to live in ways that defy natural laws, building businesses – and whole lives – that exhaust our energy at every turn? ‘Follow your bliss,’ said Joseph Campbell, ‘and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.’ Be like the river that flows downhill and finds its way effortlessly to the sea.

A successful life is about aligning yourself with the way things are supposed to happen. What is the apple seed you’re holding that you’re hoping will produce oranges, just because you think oranges will sell, or impress the world? Where would following your bliss take you? What’s stopping you right now?