LOOK INTO the fabric of life and you’ll see that we don’t have all the information we need before we start a task, which is when we need it most; instead we have to learn it. Similarly, we have all the knowledge and wisdom about life at the end, when we can no longer use it. Seems crazy, but if life has any order or meaning, then there must be a reason for it having been constructed that way. Perhaps the learning is more important than the knowledge or the achievement itself, which would mean that the more learning you expose yourself to, the more you’re in tune with life, and the more meaning, purpose or just plain satisfaction your life will have.

This would mean living your life constantly outside of your comfort zone, treating your life as an experiment, putting yourself on the line to test anything and everything that’s presented to you as a truth. Certainly I have lived this way. For me it’s never been about safety, or about success in and of itself; it’s always been about finding what’s true, what’s possible, what works, what’s the best way to make the most out of life, what are the elements of a rich and fulfilling life? I’ve been my own scientist – a sample of one, doggedly testing everything that every book or expert has told me. I’ve had bumps and bruises; I’ve got scars – I’ve also got a smiling soul.