I BOUGHT a book many years ago because of its title: How Shall We Then Live? It was a Christian social manifesto, with plenty of validity, but it didn’t answer the question for me. Instead, the title, which had resonated in the beginning, stayed with me: I knew that it was the central question of my life. I wasn’t fulfilled, and I wanted to be. I didn’t feel free; I could see that people weren’t free, and I was determined that we should be.

I’ve since learned that if you ask a question in the right way, and you keep it open, you eventually become the living answer to that question. Rather than telling people the answer, the things you do and the way you live provides the answer to anyone who cares to look. Well, if being ecstatically present and energised all the time is an indication, then I could say I’ve become, in some small measure, the answer to that question. I know how to live in order to be fulfilled and happy, no matter what’s going on around you.

The beauty is that it was the very climb from confusion, misery and despair that has revealed these answers to me. If I’d always been happy, I wouldn’t know what makes a person happy, I’d have nothing to share, I’d have none of my current value, meaning or purpose.

So, how shall we then live? Live the question – put your life on the line for an answer – and you will find out. For the fast track, you come see me, I’ll show you!