IF YOU want to really live then you have to take the great opportunity that life offers you in midlife. I turned 42 this month and I can really attest that life begins at 40, that 40 is the new 20. We have all the knowledge and facilities to build healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Having used these opportunities, I find myself in the most clear, most powerful space I’ve ever been in. I’ve cleared the mountain of ‘stuff’ that held me back in the past, that kept me isolated and chasing butterflies and trying to solve the world’s great problems on my own, so that I could take the credit for some great idea, and finally feel good about myself. I know that this ‘stuff’ – I’ll spare you the details – has cleared not just intellectually, but emotionally, energetically, and the nett effect, I feel, is that I have arrived at myself. I can say that I know myself; I feel seated inside myself, and I know my way forward.

Obviously there’s still growth to come, but it will be from that foundation, and from now on my life will be a list of contributions made and achievements gained as I step out on the path to wanting what I want, to expressing myself with my heart wide open, with full connectedness to life and all its wonders and opportunities.