THE SECOND phase of life requires some serious relearning. I have so much new information I feel like a kid all over again – like an invalid learning to walk. I find myself heading off in a direction, making decisions, then realise that I’ve dropped a ball I picked up a few weeks ago – I had to, in order to catch the new one coming in!

Then I want to unmake that decision to include the dropped ball plus the new information. Problem is, I’ve already made commitments, and I have bills to pay. The challenge is to swallow each new ball fast enough so that you can make each next decision with all the new information you have at hand.

How do you do this? By making room – by clearing out all the clutter in your head: every incomplete task, unfulfilled promise, unforgiven issue, unresolved argument, unmade decision. These are just a few categories, and should keep you busy for a while. When you get on top of this wave, you become the sharpest knife in the box.