THE SUCCESSES of youth come about through chaos. Young people travel overseas without a definite plan, they enter a career to have fun and they seize every opportunity unquestioningly with both hands. This inevitably leads to success.

As we become older we settle into habits, preferred ways of doing things. Too much order closes out the opportunities that chaos brings. You need chaos to move forward. When you walk, for example, you’re about to fall over with every step you take; just then, the next foot lands. Having structure and order is good, like knowing how to walk. To actually walk is to expose yourself to chaos – to the risk of falling – with each step; you do it because you trust your walking – you trust the order of your system.

The more you know what you want, the more you can decide and speak or act on it in the moment, the more you can open yourself up to chaos, and to the infinite opportunities it brings.