LIFE IS a river. It stands still for no-one. So if you feel like you’re drowning, perhaps you need to respect the river over yourself.

It may not be deliberate, and it’s often not. If it’s a repeated lesson – money, love, health – chances are you’re simply not respecting and valuing that area of your life. You may be working hard for it, demanding and expecting it, but do you really value it – as in love it? Would you be willing to give up everything for the money, the love, the health? If not, it will continue to tumble you over those waterfalls until you are and until you show yourself to be.

For me it was money. I worked hard for money, but did not value it enough to give up ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ in order to gain it. Money didn’t demand that I have to do that all the way; it just wanted to know that I’m willing to. Like Abraham being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. Or love, or health. Be willing, genuinely willing, deep down in your heart, to work only for that thing, for its own sake, and the river will flow in that area for you.