WHEN WE recognise things about our lives that aren’t working, our first response is usually to try to find the fault and change the way we’re doing it. First stop is usually to copy how someone else does it. Often, we do even worse.

There’s a more powerful way. Ask yourself: How can I make this behaviour pattern work for me? For example, if you’re a compulsive organiser, instead of trying to make yourself more laid back, create your life so that you’re always constructively employed organising something.

People can be equally successful whether they’re organised or disorganised, so success comes not from the level of organisation, but from placing what you do naturally into the right environment. So if you’re going to copy someone, copy the person who plays to his strengths, by playing to yours!

This practice can open the doorway to self-appreciation: taking what you do and who you are and making that work for you, instead of trying to change yourself. You never know, your inner genius might just break through.