WELCOME! What are you looking for? Explore the categories below!


What are you looking for?

Explore the categories below.

I want a coach for me and/or my people. I want a real person, even if the sessions are online!

life coaching executive coaching

I want coaching, and cash is tight. Plus I like to do my own thing. What are the DIY options?!

self-coaching online life executive

Cost is a factor and I don’t like online programs. What about printed books, or even eBooks?!

personal effectiveness book series neil bierbaum

Are you looking for a coach you can trust—and afford? If affordability is the bigger question, have you considered learning to coach yourself? Or, what if you could simply read your way to enlightenment? All of these are possible through the many options available on this website. Have a look at the categories above and see what will work for you, based on your budget and your preferred learning style.

neil bierbaum life executive coach

Neil Bierbaum | Author, Speaker, Life & Executive Coach (Johannesburg, Sandton, Online)

Hi, I’m Neil Bierbaum. I’ve spent 20+ years on a personal development journey, while operating in a business context.
I’ve worked in high-pressure corporate environments and spent even more time in the trenches – winning and losing – as an entrepreneur.
I’ve studied business, psychology and trained as a coach. I’ve spent more than 2,500 hours training coaches (they say you only really learn something when you teach it) and at least 25 years practicing—and many of those teaching—meditation.
Most importantly, I’ve tested everything I’ve learned. This practical application and testing what works is what best qualifies me to do what I do.
You can read more about my services below.

Take the time to watch this introduction video for the Personal Effectiveness Coaching Program.


life coach johannesburg online life coaching

Life Coaching

Success can be defined in many different ways. For some, it’s about money. For others, it’s about the scale of contribution they make, or the quality of relationships they maintain. Still others want to search inside, find meaning, purpose their true expression. Either way, life coaching can put you on the path.

life coach johannesburg online life coaching for men

Coaching for Men

DEFINE FOR yourself what it means to be a man in the 21st Century. The old rules no longer apply. What are your values? What would meaningful success look like for you? Are you committed to achieve your potential? What legacy will you leave behind? Coaching for Men is life coaching with a special focus on men.

leader team performance, executive coaching johannesburg online

Executive Coaching

AS YOU climb the ladder of success, the demands become less technical and more behavioural. Develop your leadership skills as you move from one level to the next. Identify and develop your behavioural strengths and deal with your blind spots and avoidances. Define your authentic leadership brand.

team coaching team performance

Team Coaching

NO MAN is an island and no leader is without a team. Developing leader and/or team in isolation from each other does not produce sustainable results. Working together produces exponential benefits to move from being conflict-ridden to high-performing.

enneagram report and debrief

Enneagram Reports

THE ENNEAGRAM is a framework for understanding your personality. It reveals the links between your core personality attributes and your underlying avoidance areas, and how both show up as habitual and/or reactive behaviour patterns. You can apply the information to all areas of your life.

Self-Coaching Online

MANY PEOPLE find the investment of time and money for coaching prohibitive. If you’re in that position, you now have the option to coach yourself online with this affordable program! You’ll get to engage at your preferred pace—and price—and still enjoy a number of contact points with me, Neil, as your coach.

personal effectiveness book series neil bierbaum

Books & Videos

WHAT BETTER way to start or finish your coaching journey than with a book?! All the awareness introductions and tools that you’ll get during a life or executive coaching program are made available through the Personal Effectiveness set. There are self-coaching handbooks as well. And that’s not all…!

Practical Mindfulness

MINDFULNESS IS about so much more than paying attention while eating. It is the salt in the mix of any personal development journey. It enriches and enlivens anything else you might learn or experience. It provides a path to personal mastery and is the key to transforming your experience of life.


MY COMMITMENT is to make a real, tangible difference in the world, to the way people conduct their lives. To inspire, touch and move people to grow consciously, which means: to gain greater self-awareness and thereby improve self-management in order to have a different, better experience of life; and to act for the greatest good (harmony and ongoing, shared prosperity) of all spheres of life.

SINCE ALL human endeavour is achieved through one’s efforts in relation to other people, my sessions are always targeted at improved performance through a greater awareness of self in relationship with others.

I use powerful questions to support you to get the insights that you need. I partner you to convert those insights into actions, and I make sure you measure your actions. Through this, we ensure that you habituate new, productive behaviour patterns.

In the case of executive coaching, I make sure we get input from your sponsor, the company. For teams, I work with leader and team together, bringing in real work issues to create a live, action-learning environment.

I PROMISE to deliver a state of optimal performance through mindful awareness and personal mastery, a result which I call Personal Effectiveness.

People high in personal effectiveness experience being authentic & successful, confident, caring & conscious, and powerful & peaceful.