Executive Self-Coaching Online

Give your people access to this affordable executive self-coaching online program! Firstly, it’s cost-effective. Secondly, it’s coronavirus friendly. Not only that, they’ll get a number of contact points with me, Neil, as their coach. And that’s not all! For those who resist the digital era, there’s even a printed handbook version instead.

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EXECUTIVE COACHING is notoriously expensive to roll out in a business. The main reason, for corporates, is that it needs to be done on-on-one and all those sessions add up to a significant cost. Until now, that is! Yes, this executive self-coaching online solution—formally known as the Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Program for Executives—is a game-changer! You can literally put dozens of people through the program for the price of just a few in-person programs!

This means that coaching can be made available when and where it’s needed most. Firstly, deep within the organisation. Secondly, for suppliers that are small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Then, importantly, in times of crisis. Like now with the spread of the coronavirus. Efforts to contain that have led to a lockdown on travel and contact and, for many businesses, have impacted their budgets as well.

How it works

Once enrolled, coachees will work their way through 12 sessions of self-coaching. They will set their own goals and use the guided process, plus the set of coaching questions provided, to work towards those goals. They’ll also be introduced to a leadership concept or tool in each session. In other words, the “session theme”. Importantly, they’ll have various online contact points with me, Neil, as their coach. These will take the form, firstly, of being able to submit their session notes for comment. In addition, they’ll be able to submit questions related to the session theme.

Coachees will be guided through 12 sessions of self-coaching, using either the online course, or the printed handbook. They’ll be able to submit material and questions along the way, and I’ll make sure they gain confidence in their ability to coach themselves as they progress.

Coachees will be exposed to all the awareness introductions they’d get from a regular, live coaching program. In addition, they’ll have a structure they can follow—and questions they can use. Naturally, it will require some intelligence and a degree of diligence. If they’re committed, they’ll get the same results they’d get from having a coach sitting in front of them.

Coach contact points

Of course, the reason why people engage a coach is to have someone listen skillfully and ask the right questions. Therefore, I’ve made sure that, by choosing the executive self-coaching online program, coachees won’t be entirely alone. They’ll be able to submit questions and check their progress along the way—to see if they’re asking and answering the coaching questions correctly. Their submissions will get my personal attention, and I’ll make sure they gain confidence in their ability to coach themselves as they progress.

In addition, they’ll be encouraged to practice the tools and complete a “record and monitor” exercise in between sessions. This will support them to record the benefits of trying new behaviours and thereby build a use case for themselves. That, in turn, will support sustained behavioural change.

A self-assessment will be made on completion, and submitted to the coach. This can be filtered for confidentiality and then used to provide ROI feedback to the corporate sponsor. The coachee and sponsor can then jointly decide on any further developmental or remedial steps.


There are, in fact, two media offerings for the self-coaching program. One is online, which involves watching videos and downloading PDF files to have a record of the readings and to complete the exercises. The other option is by using the printed handbook.

They’re both the same program, it’s a matter of which learning style each person prefers. There’s the online version with video and audio options that they can access from anywhere. Or they could have everything together in a book that they can read and write in, and carry around with them. Your company may have its own preference too.

Option A
Self-Coaching Online | Executive

The Self-Coaching Online | Executive Program is a comprehensive executive self-coaching online solution, delivered through a combination of video, audio and written content. It will support coachees to achieve their goals, while learning about leadership, and learning to coach themselves. There are various contact point with me, Neil, so you as the sponsor can be confident that they’re getting it right, and that they’ll be able to get their questions answered. 

What you’ll get:

  • Access to the full 12-session executive self-coaching online solution
  • Each session includes:
    • A check-in process
    • A video introduction of the session theme
    • Summary notes plus extra reading (eg. scientific references, real-life examples)
    • There are audio versions of all the readings, so you can listen while you drive
    • Guided self-coaching exercises
    • All reading content is available in audio format
  • 3 x coach contact points (you submit material online and get a response within 48 hours)
  • 12 x session theme questions (you get to ask one question for each session, related to the theme of that session)

Investment (per person) R2,995

Yes, I’m interested, let’s talk!

Option B
The Self-Coaching Handbook

self-coaching handbook personal effectiveness executives neil bierbaum

The Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook for Executives is a comprehensive executive self-coaching solution, contained in a printed book format. It will support coachees to achieve their goals, while learning about leadership, and learning to coach themselves. There is a Handbook Support Program which you can bolt on that will give your coachees various contact points with me, Neil. In that way, you as sponsor will always be confident that they’re getting it right, and they’ll be able to get their questions answered. 

What they’ll get:

  • A 398-page printed handbook
  • The book contains 12 chapters plus one BONUS chapter (The Habit of Completion)
  • Each chapter is structured as a self-guided coaching session and includes:
    • A check-in section
    • An introduction to the session theme
    • All the notes (eg. scientific references, real-life examples) provided in the online course
    • Guided self-coaching exercises
    • Homework exercises
  • The bolt-on option of the Handbook Support Program

Investment per person
R895 (Handbook)
R445 (Handbook Support Program)

Yes, I’m interested, let’s talk!

Self-Coaching (Option A: Online) | Sample Video

Each session within the executive self-coaching online program contains at least one instruction video related to that session’s theme. Here is a sample video, which is the introduction video for Session 1. The theme for this session is Getting Motivated.

Self-Coaching (Option A: Online) | Sample Session

This link will take you to a sample session (Session 3 from the Executive course). The theme for this session is Working with Values.

Self-Coaching (Option A: Online) | Sample Audio

Below is a sample audio track. It’s the “Monitor & Record” homework instructions for Session 4 from the Executive course. The theme for this session is Your Power to Create. Each downloadable PDF document is accompanied by an audio track, which enables delegates to listen instead of read.

Self-Coaching (Option B: Printed Handbook) | Sample Chapter

Clicking on this link or on the image below will provide you with a sample chapter download (Chapter 11 from the Personal Effectiveness Self-Coaching Handbook for Executives). The theme for this chapter is Decision & Commitment.

How is the Self-Coaching Program structured?

The Self-Coaching Program consists of 4 elements.

The four elements of the program are detailed in the tabs below:

How is each self-coaching session structured?

The Self-Coaching Program consists of 12 sessions which coachees can conduct in their own time.

Each session consists of four sections, which are detailed in the tabs below:

5-10 mins

The session check-in will enable you to build a bridge from the previous session and to prepare for the current session.

The check-in for each session will consist of:
• A review of your understanding and application of your learning from the previous session during the time since you completed that session;
• A brief introduction to the session theme, and an exercise for you to prepare yourself for that theme’s introduction so you can get the most out of it.

20-30 mins

A foundation theme is introduced with each session through a combination of lecture-style video, audioslide, downloadable PDF* notes and exercise sheets. Examples of session themes include: Working with Values; Your Power to Create; Making Agreements; The Flow State; etc.
• Each theme will provide an empowering perspective and/or a tool you can work with;
• In addition, each session’s theme will build on past themes, so that you’ll have a new body of knowledge and a wider range of awareness when you’re finished.
* There will always be an audio option available so you can listen instead of read if that’s your preference. 

10-20 minutes

There are two guided self-coaching processes within each session:
• The first self-coaching process is based on the aforementioned session theme. You’ll be guided by a short self-reflection questionnaire.
• The second self-coaching process within each session is designed to move you forward on your main goals, which you will set at the beginning of the program. For this part, you’ll be guided by a process outline and you’ll refer to a set of coaching questions that you’ll be provided with early in the program.

5-10 mins

Each session will end with a short review:

• Review your learning from the session. You’ll be guided by a set of questions.
• Get the specifics of your homework exercise.

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What contact will my people have with an actual coach?

Your people will never be left completely on their own. There are various contact points with me, Neil, throughout the program. 

The contact points with me as coach will be as follows:

  • best life coaching for menFirst off, I’ll personally review the goals each person sets for themselves at the beginning of the process so that you can be confident that what they’re working on is relevant, meaningful, challenging, inspiring and measurable.
  • Second, they’ll be able to ask one question at the end of each session with regards to their understanding and application of the session theme.
  • In addition, they’ll get two further chances to report on their self-coaching process to do with their main goals to see if they’re on track, if they’re doing it right, and to get feedback and guidance from me.
  • Finally, if they’re still having difficulty, they’ll be able to book an online (Skype/FaceTime) session with me. We can agree up front how many such sessions are to be made available for this purpose.

What’s more, the program is modular and the different elements get repeated. This means coachees will be able to apply the process and coach themselves once they’ve finished. In addition, when they’ve completed the program, they’ll gain access to a set of masterclasses. More importantly, they’ll know how to get the best out of those based on the process they’ll have learned by participating in the executive self-coaching online program.

Who is the Self-Coaching Program designed to help?

The corporate executive self-coaching online (or printed handbook) program is designed to improve personal effectiveness, which includes leadership effectiveness. It will work for people are are already fairly well-balanced and moving forward in their lives and careers, and who could take things up a level. Ideally, they will have at least some self-awareness. They may or may not have completed a leadership program before. 

The self-coaching program will not solve anxiety or depression or any psychological disorder that is currently affecting a person’s ability to perform. For that, the person would first need to see a psychologist. When that’s sorted, then they can use this program to get back on track again. If they’re dealing with complex issues, like high levels of office politics, they might also struggle to get their result from this program. That said, they’ll be fine if they already have a high level of self-awareness and/or have received coaching before.

So, to be clear, the self-coaching program is for people who are reasonably self-aware and self-motivated. They’ve done some self-reflection, or are at least capable of it. They’ve either done some work on themselves, or are interested in doing so. Most importantly, they want to take their personal effectiveness and/or leadership skills to the next level. They can be first-time, or newly appointed leaders. They can also be more experienced leaders who could do with a new set of tools or who could use a refresher.

Below is a checklist of possible areas of challenge that the executive self-coaching online program will help with.

  • People who struggle to set goals and follow through;

  • Improved decision-making;

  • Improved resilience for people who become easily discouraged when things don’t work out;

  • Greater and more sustained motivation and insiration;

  • People at a career crossroads or other life-stage decision point and who need to create clarity for themselves;

  • Putting a stop to procrastination and moving forward in a sustainable, consistent and inspiring way;

  • Showing up more authentically and powerfully in relationships and at work in general;

  • New leaders, recently promoted, who find themselves having to manage people who were once their peers;

  • New leaders in charge of a team—or even a whole department or division—who need some help dealing with the people aspect;

  • Potential leaders who are destined for greater things at your company and you want to get them ready.

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