Philosophical and practical tools for facing the issues and challenges of midlife.

Insights #4: There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

  INTROVERTS HAVE this one the worst. When you're out there with the gregarious, the ebullient, the always-delighted, and you are forced to play along, you are likely to tell yourself you should be like them, that your life would be easier or better if you were that way. You might even think there’s something wrong with you. Making yourself wrong and beating yourself up internally is a pointless thing to do. It’s a repeat of the familiar – what you get from your parents as children you take to be [...]

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Insights #3: The Path Back To Yourself

  IN CASE you were wondering – in case you’ve ever been as lost and confused as I've been at times – there is a path back to yourself. How do I know? Let’s say I performed my own prodigal son experiment – I went out into the world and tried everything. I tried to be everything other than who and what I am. It started early. When I was about five, I heard my aunt say to my mother, "Does he still use his left hand?" I thought I [...]

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Insights #2: You Do Get A Second Chance

  THE MIDLIFE phase gives us the chance to incorporate into our repertoire the talents and dreams we let slide post-childhood, and to finally express ourselves authentically. It might not take the form that you dreamed about in your youth – I’ll never be Bono, for example – but it can still be deeply satisfying. At first this seems scary – when you try on new ways of being, you don’t know what will emerge. However, the great thing is that you don’t have to choose and create it all, [...]

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Insights #1: No Man Is An Island

MY LIFE has the qualities of a balloon: with the energy of youth I became all puffed up. It took just a few hefty puffs – those few early successes – and I could touch the sky. I filled up the whole universe. I couldn’t possibly learn anything new. Of course, once your balloon becomes inflated, the tiniest pinprick can blow it to smithereens. Protecting it from the slings and arrows of life becomes important. In my case, I stopped writing. Perhaps I had run out of ideas; perhaps I [...]

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