Short, random inspiring insights about life – and especially midlife – drawn from my own experience.

Insights #32: Listen for Your Listening!

  I'M LEARNING to listen. To really listen. Of course, coaching is all about listening and so I could say I’m a trained professional listener and that’s the end of it, but then I wouldn’t be listening anymore – listening for what there is to still listen for. The movie Tornado is a story about a guy who learns to sit through the night, listening to a horse, and through his listening, he becomes healed, and heals the horse. I’ve been practising this, with my son, with myself – sitting [...]

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Insights #31: This Is It!

  ONE OF the greatest realisations that people get from attending workshops is the realisation that they’re not alone. For most of our lives we keep our cards to ourselves like poker players; the energy compounds, and we feel worse about our ‘situation’. Just sitting in a room with other people, hearing the presenter say something that applies to you and that you realise applies to everyone else in the room already halves your worries. The guardedness you arrived with starts to fall away. If the process has rules that [...]

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Insights #30: Prepare For the Flood!

  THERE'S A great reality show on TV called Chasing Nature. Four engineering students are split into two teams and each team has to build gadgetry that will literally enable them to emulate a creature in nature. I’ve seen them try to emulate the sonar detectors of bats while flying in a harness, the tongue of a chameleon while crawling on a pole 10m above the ground, the suspension of a sloth from a bridge between two skyscrapers and, best of all, the 25km/h head-butting power of the ram. Sometimes [...]

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Insights #29: How Deep Are You In It?

  COME ON men, tell me this isn’t true: you avoid getting help because you’re ashamed of what you’re going through and you don’t want to tell anyone. You see it as some failure on your part. And God forbid you should have to attend a seminar and reveal your failings in front of others! Have you heard that old saying: A problem shared is a problem halved? (Those old sayings still work best, and this one is the best of the best.) The fact is, when someone else shares [...]

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Insights #28: Let the Future Pull You!

  WHEN YOU arrive at yourself, your purpose, you’ll see that it’s been there all the time, you’ve known it, but been too ashamed to admit it, or could never have believed it was possible. The amount of time and energy we waste not doing something that we’d love to do, because deep down we don’t believe we deserve it, or that it could be possible – it’s insane. The more I see of life and people, the more I’m convinced that every person has one thing, one single message [...]

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Insights #27: Embrace the Life You Have

The first 20 years of life are spent building a strong ego, and rightfully so. In the first 20 years of adulthood this ego brings in all the silverware – the degrees, war medals, sports trophies, gold disc records, creative awards, sales team trophies, tiaras (for women), and so on. Newton had published his most famous work by the age of 27. But by 40, in most instances, those talents are well spent. Sportsmen retire, musicians leave the band and move on to more individualistic styles (think Sting, Peter Gabriel, [...]

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Insights #26: Follow Your Bliss!

  THINGS HAPPEN exactly as they’re supposed to happen – in every instance. Let’s say you have a great idea; as you explore it, you find that there are ways that it can work and ways that it can’t work. No amount of positive thinking will allow otherwise. The apple tree seed doesn’t suddenly produce an orange tree as well, just because you want it to. Water flows downhill, so unless you want to expend huge energy, you build your canals to use this principle. Why then do we try [...]

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Insights #25: Live With Lust & Liveliness!

  HENRY DAVID Thoreau wrote that ‘most men lead lives of quiet desperation’. I am at war with ‘quiet desperation’. What does quiet desperation look like? It looks like someone shutting up for the sake of peace. It looks like someone not doing what he wants in order to meet expectations, or fit in, or maintain the status quo. It looks like someone falling in line. What’s the opposite of ‘quiet desperation’? It’s a man who starts each day knowing that he’s surfing the wave of being, that he could [...]

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Insights #24: Life Is An Experiment

  LOOK INTO the fabric of life and you’ll see that we don’t have all the information we need before we start a task, which is when we need it most; instead we have to learn it. Similarly, we have all the knowledge and wisdom about life at the end, when we can no longer use it. Seems crazy, but if life has any order or meaning, then there must be a reason for it having been constructed that way. Perhaps the learning is more important than the knowledge or [...]

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Insights #23: Life Life To Be Free!

  I BOUGHT a book many years ago because of its title: How Shall We Then Live? It was a Christian social manifesto, with plenty of validity, but it didn’t answer the question for me. Instead, the title, which had resonated in the beginning, stayed with me: I knew that it was the central question of my life. I wasn’t fulfilled, and I wanted to be. I didn’t feel free; I could see that people weren’t free, and I was determined that we should be. I’ve since learned that if [...]

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